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Cave Rules and Etiquette

We are so excited for you to experience Sól! We would like to ensure that everyone has a relaxing and positive experience. We have compiled a list of what to expect and some “do’s and don’ts”. If we are respectful of our neighbor then everyone will have an enjoyable time!

What To Know About Seating

This is a group setting and everyone is here to relax! You may choose either a zero gravity chair or lay directly on the salt floor with a blanket and pillow, just like at the beach. If you do not see your preferred choice available, just ask. We have two reclining chairs with ottomans right at the entrance for those who may not move as easily. Please leave those available first for those who truly need it. Wheelchairs are welcome as well on our Himalayan brick entrance! Please notify us at time of the appointment if you need wheelchair accessibility as we only have space for one per session.

Once the cave door closes we cannot reopen it for those running late as it will disrupt those who are already in a deep relaxed state. You may either wait for the next available cave session if a spot is still open or  reschedule. If you must get up to leave to use the restroom or for any other reason, please do so quietly. Unfortunately, you will not be allowed back in as it will cause more disruptions nor be eligible for a refund, so please make sure you use the restroom beforehand.

What To Wear

You may dress normally. You can wear shoes, socks or go barefoot in the cave but you must put on the disposable shoe covers that are provided. Please keep clothing on!! If you are hoping to get relief from skin issues such as acne, psoriasis and eczema it is recommended to wear shorts and t-shirt or tank top and not to cover with a blanket to expose as much skin as possible. If it is winter time you may bring a change of clothes. The cave stays between 68-72 degrees to help mimic the climate of a true salt cave and better saturation of the air for proper inhalation of the salt. We provide blankets for those who would prefer to
cover up.

We want to make this experience enjoyable for everyone as it is meant
to be and thank you for your cooperation!